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Customer interaction model explained 2:22

Let us talk about the code every company has to crack: c2MxEi

Trends of the New Normal: Hyper Personalization 1:52

What is it what your customers want? What is is that you want? The answer is simple but the outcome for companies is pretty complicated to accomplish.

3 Important Steps for Future Business Relevance 1:31

How to be relevant in the New Normal? And what can you do today?



The Chernobyl Syndrome Pt II: The Day After Corona Checklist

In a previous blog I made a link between the reasons why Nokia lost the Smartphone Battle and what I love to call The Chernobyl Syndrome. I promised to write…
Big data

The Twilight Twenties

A not so very long read about the Twilight Zone, the upside down, Stranger Things, ruthless digital disruption, Gaudi and a keynote in the making. Or not. I am still…

2020 is the year of The #NCS

In the rearview mirror, the 21st century can be easily summarized. The first decade was ‘The Brewing of the Perfect Storm’. The second was ‘The Tipping Point’. When in 2018 Mark Zuckerberg…

Why you should measure your organization’s Net Curiosity Score (NCS)

Like Waze, Uber and Spotify did, by finding a shortcut, or a completely new angle and then using the potential of the new world to offer something a whole lot…